25 June 2018

Website Localization Strategy in 2018

website localization strategy Website Localization Strategy
Step#2. Create a Source-Language Termbase

Go through your source text and extract key terms
1. Product or Service keywords with all their equivalents
2. Brand keywords
3. Transactional keywords (e.g. buy online, online shop, discount etc.)

Step#4. Branding

All content that talks about the brand: homepage, “About Us”, “Why Us”, “Mission” and “Vision” pages. Anything that talks about your company.

Step#5. Marketing

Typically the content that sells: product pages, landing pages etc.

Step#6. Technical

All manuals, product descriptions, product documentation, FAQs, user guides etc. should be translated accurately to avoid any incorrect use of your products or services.

Step#7. Legal

Your Terms of Use, disclaimers should comply to the laws of a certain state.