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Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the rankings of your website in search engines such as Google. Search engines look at more than 200 factors when deciding which websites to rank, such as:

  • Your content being unique, high-quality, and relevant to a topic.
  • Your site having quality backlinks and buzz on other relevant sites, suggesting that it’s important.
  • Your site being well built and following standards to improve the user experience, as well as the proficiency of search engines to review your site.

Why SEO Services?

Most of the businesses are coming online day by day, number of websites increasing day by day. But website without SEO is like a cake without sugar. Let’s suppose you have your website but it’s not visible in front of audience or customers, they aren’t aware about your product or services. You are loosing your potential customers. To make your product / services visible SEO services is important. It not only increases your sales but also create branding. Once you become a good brand then it will be a big success for you. But to have a proper SEO you must approach professional and leading SEO company to provide satisfactory result.

Why Choose Ordius for Your SEO Services in Noida?

Because Search Engine Optimization campaigns are not about instant satisfaction. It’s rare that you can move your rankings in the search engines from anonymity to the top of the results very quickly. SEO is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, and so not all small businesses are ready to invest into it, even though for many it can produce the very best return in the long run. Therefore we understand this and serve customized package to clients in their budget and always best provide fruitful results. Ordius IT Solutions is digital marketing agency offering white hat SEO services, SMO, PPC, Social media marketing at best prices in Noida as well as globally.

We are recognized as the best National SEO companies based in Noida, India. For the last four years, we have been offering excellent services in the category of Local SEO & National SEO ranking, if you want the best optimization solutions for your business, contact India's best SEO agency and we are always there to help you. We serve clients globally and worked successfully on various niches campaigns of different countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, and India. For the last four years, we have been offering excellent services in the category of Local SEO & National SEO ranking, if you want the best optimization solutions for your business, contact us and we are always there to help you.

Till now, we have worked with clients of more than 10 countries and we have been able to satisfy our clients with our flawless services. We try to optimize the websites of the companies in the best possible manner. With our team of SEO professionals, we have been able to bring innumerable keywords to the top rank of the major search engines like Google. When you avail our Search Engine Optimization services, you can be sure that you are served by certified & top professional SEO company in India.


Game-Changing Professional SEO Services


SEO is a method of getting the website to rank higher in search engines—such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. Although it’s the search engines that rank your site, we feel that good SEO is a result of strategy that provides value for those visiting your website.

At, search engine marketing is what we know and love. Our client’s successes are our success. We take pride in employing SEO tactics that will uphold future search engine updates.

We pair on-site optimization with off-site optimization to create techniques that are effective and won’t lose value over time. Through our website audit, keyword research, well-crafted content strategies, our suite of services are second to none. Daily, millions will use search engines to find products or services. 90% of these people will click links on the first page of the search results.

Is your site on that first page of Google? Are your competitors? That’s why we’re here: to help get to the first page so you can experience ton of new – buying – visitors to your site. Our Best SEO services are based on years of research & experience, and we continue to improve our strategies and tools to stay ahead of each and every change in the search engines like Google.

Our team of SEO experts will position your website where it can generate the traffic that will convert to paying customers. Our SEO techniques are based on a consulting Approach, considering your audience and goals and using:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website optimization Services
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Mobile SEO
  • International Search
  • Shopping Search
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile SEO
  • Reporting / KPIs

Service Locations

To Help Small & Medium, size Business run a successful marketing campaign in the US,UK, Australia ,Singapore Canada & India, by providing them the tremendous potential of Online & Digital Marketing strategies and also assist them in building their customer base to strengthen relations and reach their respective goals.

Search Engine Optimization Services


Enterprise SEO

The practice of optimizing a website with thousands or even millions of pages. With enterprise SEO there is a very strong emphasis placed on: scalability, and whole website indexed.

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Local SEO

It is important that the Google or search engines have a clear understanding of what your business does and where you are located. Our local search ranking techniques get the job done.

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ECommerce SEO

Online Marketing is the powerful technique for marketing any enterprise. Not appearing on page 1 of Google or Amazon? Need more e-commerce sales? Let us help you grow your traffic by more than 200%.

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Google Recovery Services SEO

The Penguin algorithm, launched in April of 2012 was created to find and demote sites who have created spam links in order to rank higher in Google.

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SEO Reseller Services

Need smart digital marketing solutions that guarantee ranking customer’s web pages at affordable prices? Ordius SEO reseller is the answer. We do all the hard work while you take all the credit!

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Multi Lingual SEO

A challenging task of any SEO campaign is developing an effective internationalisation strategy. If you’re looking to increase your visibility across many search engines and markets then Ordius is fully equipped to take on this challenge with you.

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Why Should You Go for Ordius IT Solutions?

We are among the top 300 world class SEOs in SEOmoz Community Rank

We are one of the best National SEO Companies in Noida, India.

We provide the Best SEO services in Noida at the best price.

We always strive to complete our assignments within the given time period and budget

We provide specialized business marketing strategies that are convenient for your business.

We offer the best web marketing services well within your budget.

We know the value of your hard-earned money & time and so, we make sure that by availing our services, you can make the most of your time and money. Having been recognized by most of our clients, we guarantee you that once you take our services, you won’t have to regret.