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Need smart digital marketing solutions that guarantee ranking customer’s web pages at affordable prices? Ordius SEO reseller is the answer. We do all the hard work while you take all the credit! Think of it as a team of SEO professionals with highly developed processes for delivering better SERP results across different industries.

Grow your Brand

You can charge whatever you like and order our SEO reseller package. Your customer’s job will be delivered at the fixed price. It is a perfect opportunity for you to increase the Return on Investment of your agency without having to invest millions of dollars into learning curve of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO resellers help you outsource the search engine optimization process to well-known experts. This gives you more time to get new customers and deliver your best work.


Meet Your New SEO Reseller Partner

We have been working with various global online marketing agencies, providing the best SEO reseller program. Our past record in providing SEO results has created a win-win situation for us and our partners.

Picture this scenario: an existing client asks for SEO services. You agree because you don't want to lose the client & the extra cash is not bad. Of course, you don't have enough SEO expertise, but you figure it that it is not rocket science.

  • Fast forward a few months and you're struggling to get results and organic traffic. Your customer is frustrated and your team is unhappy doing something they don't specialize in.
  • This is the tale of 90% SEO agencies today – they either offer SEO services without actually knowing how it works, or they waste time learning search engine optimization instead of focusing on their core competency.
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