PLA Management Services

Product listing ads optimization (also known as PLA management) must be an integral part of all e-commerce PPC campaigns.

Available on Google and Bing, these ads allow online sellers to showcase their products on a highly visible area of Google and Bing search engine results pages, increasing visibility, improving brand recognition and creating the opportunity for higher sales & conversions.

Google PLA Management

PLA appear when users search for the products on Google. To run product listing ads on Google, the advertiser must have an Google AdWords account linked to a Merchant Center account.

Bing Product Ads

Bing Product Ads, provide the same exposure as Google PLAs. To use Bing PLAs, advertisers must sell multiple products online, with at least one item ID & secure online checkout as an option. In addition, Bing PLAs are available to advertisers with verifiable web ownership, and a U.S. billing address for their Bing Ads accounts.

Google PLAs management and Bing PLAs require the same basic principles as do traditional PPC ads. Before launching a PLA campaign, e-commerce firms should prioritize products, establish budgets and review results for ongoing product listing ads optimization.

Our Experience & Expertise with Google Product Listing Ads

  • Google Merchant Center Setup and Management for large catalogs
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Amazon Ads Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Advanced Ecommerce Analytics


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Product listing ads optimization (also known as PLA management) must be an integral part of all e-commerce PPC campaigns.

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