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1. Video Behavior Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing are interchangeable. Most people know about retargeting on Facebook through the Facebook pixel. When someone visits a webpage with this code, the Facebook pixel sends a message back to Facebook.

Facebook has opened up new methods to retarget customer (or show them ads based on prior actions), including video retargeting.

Because Facebook has been emphasizing live video and video in the news feed. Whenever a person on facebook sees at least 3 seconds of a video, Facebook put that person into a retargeting custom audience that you can use to retarget that person again and again.

2. Video Custom Audiences

To create a video custom audience, you don’t have to do anything before you go live or upload recorded video. As long as you upload video to your Facebook business page, Facebook automatically starts to create an audience for you. This audience will include anyone who watches minimum three seconds of any video on your Facebook business page.

From this automatically created audience, you’ll want to set up your desired options.To set up your options, open your Audience option inside Facebook Ads Manager. Click create a custom video audience. Next, choose how long the person had to watch the video to go into that audience. It starts at 3 seconds, goes to 10 seconds, and then to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 95% of the video viewed.

Let us compare a three-second viewer with someone who watched 95% of your video to illustrate the applications of custom audiences.

For instance, say you have a 10 minute video with excellent, actionable content that goes to a sales page on that’s highly relevant to the same topic. If someone consumed 95% of the video, they’re highly engaged. So ask them to take the next step in your sales funnel. Send them to a lead magnet page or retarget them with a sales page. You can take instant action with someone who watched a longer portion of your video.

On the other side, you want to run retargeting ads to your 3 second viewers too, because they have a branding impression of you from when they saw your video in their timeline. However, instead of asking them to share their email or sending them to a sales page, nurture that relationship. One way to do that is to show them another relevant piece of video content, something that adds more value to whatever your business is offering.


Lead ads help many types of businesses connect with the people interested in their products or services. A cloth store could use lead ads to promote cloth on discounted offer, while a car maker brand could encourage people to get a quote on a car.

In fact, Land Rover wanted to offer their target customer audience a seamless experience across devices, so they knew they had to make it simple for people on mobile to request a car quote. They used lead ads to hear from people on mobile who were interested in learning more about Land Rover.

“In early A/B testing, Facebook’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving the visitors to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.” – Kim Kyaw, Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Land Rover


Your Facebook Page lets you promote your organization and engage with people on Facebook. This metric allows you to see what people are doing with your page and posts because of your ads, indicating how relevant your ads were to your audience. Page engagement can include actions such as liking your page, loving a post, checking in to your location, clicking a link and more.


Re-Targeting Your Instagram Followers With Facebook and Instagram Ads. You’ll need to create a new custom audience that contains your Instagram followers, and then set up your ads to target that custom audience.

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